i2ADS — University of Porto's Faculty of Fine Arts

Founded in March 2011, the i2ADS it´s a R&D unit that operates in the expanded areas of Art, Design and Artistic Studies in general, with a special bound to the surrounding social environment and contemporary concerns. The decision of joining in this Research Unit Art and Design allow it to clarify their specific and promote transdisciplinarity between those areas.

Based in the School of Fine Arts, University of Porto, it has strong connections with other R&D units and aims to stand out as an international reference in the domain of Artistic Studies. At the level of Graduate studies, especially postgraduate, the articulation between teaching and researching is also one main factor of i2ADS action.

I2ADS is structured in Research Groups. Coordinated by a Phd researcher, each Group has a well defined research area, according to the common goals of its members. Despite the autonomy of the different Groups and scientific research is encouraged interdisciplinary collaboration in research projects that add different Groups or other R & D Units.

+ info: http://www.i2ads.org