International Society for Education Through Art — International NGO

The International Society for Education Through Art (InSEA) is a non-governmental organization and official partner of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization UNESCO). InSEA was legally incorporated in Franklin County, Ohio on February 4th, 2009 as a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to encourage and advance creative education through arts and crafts in all countries and promote international understanding, the Society applies to the United States Internal Revenue Service for recognition as a tax exempt charitable educational and cultural organization.

InSEA is an association on a worldwide basis of those concerned with education through art is necessary in order that they may share experiences, improve practices and strengthen the position of art in relation to all education; International co-operation and the better understanding between peoples would be furthered by a more completely integrated design and permanent structure for the diffusion of beliefs and practices concerning education through art. InSEA has established an international community dedicated to advocacy, networking and the advancement of research in art education providing a world-wide networking platform to the members.


 InSEA  intends to help  members to publish books and catalogues mainly in electronic forms. InSEA holds a World Congress  during which members come together to share insights and build stronger networks. Between world congresses, InSEA members are invited to regional congresses held in several sites around the world. At each World Congress, InSEA honors outstanding art educators with four special awards. These awards are the Sir Herbert Read Award, the Mahmoud El-Bassiouny Award; the Edwin Ziegfeld Award and The doctoral research Award. Award recipients are nominated by their peers and fellow members.

 InSEA governance follows the established Constitution  and Bylaws..

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InSEA members enjoy access to: