Ministry of Education and Culture & Cyprus Pedagogical Institute


I Travel with the Sea (in progress)

RATIONALE & SHORT DESCRIPTIONMakedonitissa A' Public Primary School is situated in the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, in an urban environment. Even though Cyprus is an island with great history regarding sea transportation, trade and shipping, the students have little on hand experiences on the subject because they live far away from the sea. Through varied activities and creative collaborations with people from the community, the students come in contact with different kinds of marine transport and they will investigate their important role in the development and configuration of the Greek and Cypriot civilization throughout the centuries. Their experiences on the subject are being enriched by visiting the seaside city of Limassol where they collect data (photographs, rough sketches, sounds, materials) and create land art in collaboration with the visual artist Stephanos Karampampas.

The collaboration with the artist will continue throughout the project at school. Through experimentation with different materials, the students will create individual 3D constructions, which will be eventually used for the creation of a collaborative installation in the school building.At the end of the project the students will present and share their overall experience and art work on the project with the rest of the children of the school.


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