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The Empty Box is a project that aims to be a place where a child has Time and Space to Be a child.
To be a child. To play, dream, imagine, look, feel, think, invent…
In the current times that there is a lack of time for the child to be a child, and in the urgency of creating spaces and time, where the artistic expressions are often confined to the aim of occupation/ entertainment of the child, without having a meaning for the same, this project aims to give back to the child the act of getting to know the world through their eyes, hands, ears, body… through their voice.
Is it possible for things to emerge from an empty box? How can an empty space become something? What is a box? What’s the purpose of a box? What’s the meaning of empty? What’s the colour of empty? (…)
Children are curious by nature, and it’s through this curiosity that the empty box tries to evoke on the child the act of questioning and finding out answers that allow the child to reflect, build and gather tools/ skills that allow them to freely express themselves about their interests and motivations.
Here, the act of inventing translates on an important meaning for the child since the same is completely involved in his/her idea and thoughts.
The adults, artist and teacher involved in the project, have the responsibility and privilege of Observation. Through observation the adults involved will function as the anchor to the children’s fragilities and the compass to their problems, never altering the children’s thoughts/ideas, but helping in their needs.



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