Ministry of Education and Culture & Cyprus Pedagogical Institute


Short, Personal Stories

RATIONALE & SHORT DESCRIPTIONThe promotion of diversity is an objective underscored through policy and practice and different programs have been applied to promote it at a class or school level. The proposed project aims to highlight diversity and give the chance of personal student stories to be told. This project is directly connected to the work of the artist (painter and sculptor) Maria Ioannou. Ioannou’s work focuses on the circle of life (birth-evolution) using the example of silkworm (worm-cocoon-nymph). The artist uses cocoons, small sculptures made of plaster/alabaster, silk thread weaving inserted into paintings and small glass containers. She also combines cocoon sculptures with jewelry. Ioannou also uses written text (phrases, lyrics and poems) which is interwoven in the material form of paintings and woven art pieces. The students, following the example of the artist, will produce their own microcosmos using micro sculpture (sculptures made of soft soap and paper), weaving and poem/lyrics writing, all inserted in the inner circumference of hard paper cylinders. The placement of the final installation at the entrance-hall of the school will allow the organization of space and serve multi-purpose needs. The installation will be an artificial wall, which will separate the small living room with the rest of the site.



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