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After initial contact with Chouselas’s EB1 (Basic School) schoolteachers a group of four teacherswas interested and available to develop a collaborative project. A meeting happened to outlinecommon areas of interest and to understand expectations that could arise from the relationshipbetween an artistic project and school program.Water emerged as a theme that crossed the school subject’s related to environment, health andsociety programs of the 1st and 4th years of basic school. Teachers also suggested other subjectsas analytical graphs, scientific experiments and visual and noise pollution.The transversally of Portuguese language was mentioned (due to which it’s presence we did notfeel the need to emphasize), and also the possibility of including mathematics in relation with art.However, it was especially noteworthy the desire to develop artistic work with means that teachersusually have difficult to call in the daily classroom’s work context, due to which normally aren’tavailable to children.From sharing and analysing the program content’s and considering the expectations initially felt byteachers and artist, an artistic project was conceived, aiming to establish a bridge between scientificexperience and aesthetic enjoyment and practice.
the shape:

the sound:

the colour:

water performance:



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