University of Jaen — Andalusia, Spain



The present work intends to work through the action of walking other ways of knowing and counting the process of inquiry to generate forms of representation of the experience lived by the students with the intention of questioning, reflecting or exploring alternative paths that make visible the different possibilities of representation of reality.

The action starts from the idea of ​​displacement as a form of knowledge of our environment, of the relationship between our daily actions with the unknown and of the new materialities and expressions that emerge from the creative process as research.

The experience is structured from the walk through different places,
following a non-linear path, to the encounter with the unexpected,
from memory, exploration, action and the infinity of links
that derive from the process of artográfica investigation arisen in the way, a rhizomatic route of actions that respond to the drift structure. To present the proposal we made a first contact with the idea of ​​knowing each other, sharing our interests. The project starts from the concept of memory as the axis of action around which to start walking. During this first enuentro, a discourse of shared voices begins to be constructed as fragments of stories that begins in the memory of the grandmothers and grandparents of the students, life stories that are told and reconstructed from their eyes.

This discourse links with the experiences that go from the personal to the collective generating a narrative framework that revolves around memory, from the interpretation that each child has, a journey in time that takes us to the neighborhood where the most of the students. With the initial premise of finding a place to start working with, we choose the personal territory, the lived and imagined one that is created through a work of emotional topographies associated with the environment that relates us, so we chose the neighborhood as a point of departure.


El presente trabajo tiene la intención de trabajar a través de la acción de andar otras formas de conocer y contar el proceso de indagación para generar formas de representación de la experiencia vivida por parte del alumnado con la intención de cuestionar, reflexionar o explorar recorridos alternativos que visibilicen las distintas posibilidades de representación de la realidad.

La acción parte de la idea de desplazamiento como forma de conocimiento de nuestro entorno, de la relación entre nuestras acciones cotidianas con lo desconocido y de las nuevas materialidades y expresiones que emergen del proceso creativo como investigación.





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