Sotia Yiangou

Sotia Yiangou Sotia Yiangou was born in 1974 in Limassol. She studied fashion design in Vedoulakis School in Athens and simultaneously followed courses on jewelry design, using mediums such as bronze and copper.
After graduating, she created her own business where she worked mostly as a fashion designer with specialization on designing wedding dresses and evening gowns. Sotia never stopped receiving training in various crafts and techniques, such as stained glass, mosaic and ‘sugar design’ to enrich her artistic practice. She is also one of the few people still using the traditional Homodeus lace to design jewelry and clothes, hence incorporating tradition with contemporary fashion.
Currently, Sotia owns her own craft shop, entitled ‘Art and Handcraft Gallery’ in Homodeus, Cyprus. Moreover, she is involved in silk worm breading; a process that she presents in various schools. Her interest in education led to her collaboration with many teachers to develop fashion projects for children.