Soula Christou

Soula Christou Mosaic Artist who lives in Limassol - Cyprus.

• 1982..exhibition of monotypes, paintings at Polytopo Gallery Limassol
• 1984..exhibition of paintings at Municipal Gallery of Limassol
• 1985.. EKATE Famagusta Gate Nicosia
• 1987.. exhibition of Mosaics at the Municipal Gallery of Limassol
• 1993..Mosaic Mirrors at Modus Vivendi Limassol
• 1999..mosaics in furniture exhibition at Mosaic Collective
• 2001.. angels in mosaic at Mosaic Collective
• 2004..byzantine icons an inspiration for mosaics exhibition at Mosaic Collective
• fair in Nicosia KATOIKEIN, 1st award for exhibition stand.
• fair in Salonika
• 2006..Intercontinental hotel Athens, mosaics (1896 Athens 2004 108 years Olympic Game posters)
• 2007..Demos Amarousiou Athens Pinakothiki Spyrou Loui (1896 Athens 2004 108 years Olympic Game posters)
• 2008..Limassol Municipality with embassy of China exhibition of Olympic Game Athletes
• 2008..Peking Olympic Games ( Olympic Game posters in mosaic)
• 2008..Spiti Tis Kiprou Athens ( Olympic Game Athletes)
• 2009..mosaic exhibition at Mosaic Collective on the theme of Dance
• Marathon in Athens Zappion (Olympic Game Athletes)
• 2010..exhibition of tapestries, furniture at Mosaic Collective


• 1990 EKATE International fair Nicosia
• 1995 Salonika cultural capital - women artists of the Mediterranean
• 1997 EKATE exhibition Famagusta Gate

Paintings and mosaics of Soula Christou exist in numerous countries like Cyprus, Greece, France, Germany, England Mexico, Ireland, America and Russia.