Primary School of Correios - Escola Básica de Correios – Agrupamento de Escolas do Viso

City: Porto
Country: Portugal
The Correios Primary School (Escola Básica de Correios), is located in the old housing complex of the Correios neighborhood in the city of Porto and is made up of a diverse school community. This educational establishment has 8 classrooms, 1 multipurpose space, 2 covered spaces, 1 ample outdoor recreation space for students, 2 offices for teachers. The school has 6 classes of the 1st cycle of Basic Education and 1 group of pre-school education. When classes are over, three classrooms are occupied by Free Time Activities (ATL).
The school's mission is that there is a strong collaboration and cooperation in the work developed between the entire school community and in relation to the outside environment.
In this way, it relies on collaborative and cooperative work, with the aim of improving the interpersonal relationships and the academic and personal development of students. This type of interaction challenges everyone involved to improve their practices by making all individuals responsible for the education of children.
Collaboration and cooperation also allow frequent use of debate, confrontation of ideas, sharing of experiences and collective decision-making, fundamental aspects in the construction of the present school, which reinforces the sense of participation of each one, basing itself in values of sharing, trust and respect among all.