Primary School of Campinas -Escola Básica de Campinas - Agrupamento de Escolas do Viso

City: Porto
Country: Portugal
The Primary School of Campinas (E.B. de Campinas) is located in a building dating to 1968 at Ramalde parish, city of Porto. It is located in an urban environment with a great density of population, surrounded by an industrial area and circumscribed by a city neighborhood called Campinas. The access to the school is easy and is served by the public transport network. The school facilities includes a library, a teachers' office, a specia needsl education support office and a school coordination office.
There are seven classes of the first cycle of the basic education, four classes of pre-school education, and one room dedicated to the Unit of Specialized Intervention. The school community is made up of about 250 students, 13 teachers, 4 kindergarten educators, 2 technical assistants, 4 operational assistants and 4 staff members.
The Basic School of Campinas benefited from a requalification plan by the Porto Municipal Council, in the academic year 2012/2013. The school has tried to established a dialogue with surrounding communities, based on respect for differences, inclusion of all in their educational processes, and improvement of meaningful learning for their school population.