Primary School of Chouselas -Escola Básica de Chouselas

City: Vila Nova de Gaia
Country: Portugal
This school is located in the parish of Canidelo, Vila Nova de Gaia, is surrounded by residential buildings and houses and also by some open spaces with trees.
The school has two buildings: a two-storey building where primary classes happen with eight classrooms, also located in this buildings is the classroom for special needs students and the school several departments; the other building has two rooms and is intended for pre-school education. In the building where the kindergarten works, in addition to the classrooms, has two other activity rooms, one dedicated to meeting room and the other works like a studio for plastic expression. Both buildings, the have a kitchen and a school cafeteria.
The school has a large outdoor space surrounding the whole building and a children's playground properly paved and equipped, most of the outdoor spaces are not covered. In the outdoor space there is a garden area with trees, a rose garden and an area dedicated to the pedagogic garden.
The school has a sports center, equipment for the practice of different sports and is also use for recreation space of the students when it rains.
Next to the sports center, there are two rooms that support Curriculum Enrichment Activities(AEC).