Primary School of Bombarral - Escola Básica nº 1 do Bombarral (Centro Escolar do Bombarral)

City: Bombarral
Country: Portugal
The primary school n1 of Bombarral (Bombarral School Center) is a school that arose from the need to accommodate students from several elementary schools, meanwhile closed, who had only one teacher for several years of schooling.
This new school was inaugurated in September 2013, with the capacity to accommodate about five hundred students. The building was built from scratch, presents excellent conditions and is located in a residential area, near the center of the village of Bombarral.
The school has 18 classrooms for students in the 1st cycle of basic education and six other rooms for kindergarten. The building also has a library, gym, kitchen with school cafeteria, among other spaces. The school has a large outdoor play space for the children.