Teresa Torres de Eca

Teresa Torres de Eca TeresaTorres de Eça,PhD, plastic artist, works as art teacher in secondary education (Portugal); researcher at Institute in Art, Design and Society,University of Porto/Portugal-i2ADS. Collaborator at CIAC: Research Center in Arts and Communication -University of Algave, Portugal. President of the International Society for Education Through Art – InSEA and President of the Portuguese Visual Communication teachers APECV. Her research interests are focused on participatory research; social engaged arts; transcultural educational projects and art education activism. She edited the Portuguese visual arts education journal Imaginarduring 2000- 2011; was the assistant editor of the InternationalJournal of Education Through Art during 2008- 2014, currently she co- edits the InSEA e-magazine IMAG and the arts education research journal Invisibilidades. She organizedseveral E-books and articles about art education.