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My Village (in progress)

RATIONAL & SHORT DESCRIPTIONA' Primary School of Pera Choriou Nisou is a rural primary school at Nicosia district. It has a fully equipped art workshop with a projector. The management and staff of the school really support the contribution of the arts to the school society and to the general goals of the school.This project is being applied on the 5th graders of our school. There are two grades 5 in our school. One is consisted out of 14 students and the other of 13 students. The students have never had any experience concerning engraving. The aim of this project is to extend the students’ knowledge level engraving. The subject of the project is “My village”, since although Pera Chorio Nisou is a village with great history and has many historical monuments and sights, most of the children are not aware of it. Hopefully, through these lessons the students will come to love and respect their cultural heritance. So through the experience that the children will have over the lessons and in cooperation with the artist, they will understand the value of engraving in the arts and will gain skills that might find useful in the future. More specifically through this program the students will have the chance to learn more about kollagrafia and linoleum engraving. TEACHER: FRYNI KALOGIROU ARTIST: MARIANNA TSAGGAROU

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