Ministry of Education and Culture & Cyprus Pedagogical Institute


Let’s color our school! (in progress)

RATIONALE & SHORT DESCRIPTIONDeftera’s Primary School is an old school that desperately needs aesthetic upgrade. It often suffers from vandalisms and destructive acts during the afternoon and evening hours when the school is closed.Through their cooperation with the artist Stephanos Nearchou, the children of 6th grade will get aquatinted with his personal work and especially the work the artist is creating in public spaces with the groups he coordinates. Under his guidance the children will create murals on the school building. The murals on the walls will be extended on the ground and will be transformed into playground games.The children will be introduced in the technique of stenciling and will use it on the walls and floor. They will get additional inspiration from the school environment and the works of Matisse and Beatriz Milhazes. The children of 5th grade as well as some teachers and parents might be involved in this project if needed.Our main goal is to create a more colorful, happy and playful school environment. Hopefully through their involvement in the project children will develop love and respect for their school as future afternoon visitors.

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