Ministry of Education and Culture & Cyprus Pedagogical Institute


Friendship, Peace, LOVE (in progress)

RATIONALE & SHORT DESCRIPTIONThe 8th Public Primary School of Limassol (grades 4-6 / 9-12 y.o.) is an urban school, situated near the commercial port of Limassol. The school population consists of Greek-Cypriot students and students from Eastern-Europe and Middle East. Many of the students’ families migrated to Cyprus, either as economic migrants, or as refugees and asylum seekers. The project is exploring personal narratives, experiences, ideas and feelings about the values of peace, love, friendship, globalization and anti-racism since the school population consists of students from diverse cultural backgrounds. The collaboration with the sculptor Maria Michael aims to exchange ideas between the students and the artist, in order to co-create a sculpture or an installation in the schoolyard, to reflect the values mentioned above. TEACHER: MYRO ZEKAARTIST: MARIA MICHAEL

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