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Traces of Memory… (in progress)

“…a story I am gonna tell…Slowly the wheel of time begun to turnkeeping pace with the narrator’s voiceSlowly the wheel of time begun (un)rollingthe string of memory interweaving the seen and the unseen,laughter, mourning, pots out of clay, statues out of marble, smell of the orange blossoms, the last drama performance on the ancient theater of Soloi,memories out of a life centuries long lived, interrupted by the violent military invasion in 1974 and dusted by the cloud of oblivion…”
The topic of the Asinou District School collaboration with artist through the CREARTE EU founded program, is entitled “Traces of memory”. It emerged from the visual stimulus of seeing the Morphou plain –area attacked/ invaded by Turkish military since 1974, ever since captured and emptied from its inhabitants many of them seeking refuge to the area the school is located. The optical stimulus of the Limnites Cape on the western edge of Morphou bay is a source of thoughts and discussions on various subjects (the historical events, is it a matter of loosing a geographical territory or is it something more, issues of tradition and continuity, issues of the refugee condition, remembrance, dealing with this event 42 years later etc) and as such it is raised/mentioned by the school students in many occasions. As an outcome of the students’ most discussed themes and thoughts, the specific school unit (responding to the students thoughts and desires, has set the remembrance of the occupied part of the island as a priority goal. Apart from the aforementioned there are other reasons for approaching the specific topic:The geographical proximity to the Astromerites barricade and the Green Line (that divides the island into two parts) which has recently opened allowing communication between the occupied area of Morphou and the nearby Asinou district.The fact that a percentage of the schools’ student population has roots (children and grandchildren of refugees) from the Morphou area.The circle of pilgrimage and worship at the occupied church of St Mamas –protector of the area- under the auspices and the companion of the Metropolitan of the Morphou bishopric forms an important social event in the social net of activities of the specific local community.The annual protestation parade against the continual occupation of the Morphou area is also a central event in the lives of the people of the specific local environmentRemembrance of the occupied land is one of the central aims of the Cypriot National Curriculum. The result of the documentation and exploration (knowledge-informative, sentimental etc) of the occupied land of Morphou could be visualized in the form of a mural within the school. The selection of the medium and form derived from the experiences of the students (study of the Asinou Chapel murals- listed of UNESCO World Heritage Catalogue). The CREARTE EU founded program facilitated the collaboration with a visual artist by providing founding for the services of the artist and partially sponsoring the materials. The 5th grade of the Asinou District Primary School will carry on the “Fragments of memory” project with the guidance of Mrs. Alexia Philippou (visual artist). The project already begun to unroll… “Once upon a time…”

Watching Morphou Bay
and Cape Limnites

The view that was
the source of inspiration

Refugee debuty headteacher Mrs Spyroula shares her childhood memories

Visual artist Mrs Alexia Philippou
gives her own perspective on the topic

The children begun sketching their first thoughts

The children begunsketching their first thoughts

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