Ministry of Education and Culture & Cyprus Pedagogical Institute


Cultural Traditions: Unique and Unifying

RATIONALE & SHORT DESCRIPTIONThe project is directly connected to our school’s multicultural community of students. It is an artistic way to learn about cultural differences and demonstrate cultural tradition’s importance and value. Traditional clothing from our students’ countries of origin plays a central role in the project. Patterns, colours and shapes become subject of study and source of inspiration and mutual respect for each student’s culture.Katerina Xenofontos, a contemporary Cypriot visual artist with special interest in Cyprus’ traditional lace and embroidery patterns and shapes has been invited to participate in the project. Having her in our lessons, observing her work, feeling and touching her original art work offered students a hands on play to reinforce knowledge by experience. The project aims in promoting students’ unity under the umbrella of respect and recognize the value of each students’ culture and highlighting the uniqueness of each culture’s traditions. The final artistic outcome, an installation of a huge pillow consisted of forty (one by each student) small prints on fabric inspired from traditional clothing colours, shapes and patterns, represents our school’s multicultural character. The pillow, along with a plethora of other art activities, involve students in new forms of artistic expression such as art installation and projections. Overall, the project consists of four eighty-minute lessons through which the students will:Learn about traditional clothing and their importance for each cultureCreate a visual art projection of their own clothing on transparent material Create their own clothing with mixed media collage in their actual size, which will “wear” with the help of a special standLearn about printing and make their own prints on fabricCompose their print artworks into a big scale pillow, creating an art installation in our school environment.



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