2016-05-28 10:00

Crearte Multiplier event in Portugal

28th and 29th May, Quinta da Cruz, Viseu


The event has an hybrid format to respond to the needs of the partnership. The main objective is to promote the Project, display results and enable public discussion about the benefits of contemporary art practices as a tool for collaborative pedagogies in primary school. It is also a showcase of the implementation of the project in the primary schools in Portugal and other countries. InSEA experts and artists were invited to bring new ideas and current research and praxis about the topic as well as to act as observers to give constructive feedback and evaluation to the coordinators of the project. Viseu was chosen as the best place for the event, because five schools of the region are involved in the project and also because the place who hosts the seminar Quinta da Cruz is connected with InSEA through its affiliated organization APECV. Furthermore the beautiful gardens and excellent cultural equipment of Quinta da Cruz provides a great space to host the first CREARTE seminar.

This first event will present theory and practice about education through visual arts inbasic education and demonstrate visual arts units of lessons that were implemented insome of Europe’s primary schools with the cooperation of visual artists. A new online openeducational resource and an artists’ database will be presented. Keynote speakers fromthe organisations involved (professors and visual artists) as well as practical workshopswith visual artists will be held in order to display educational resources, strategies anddidactics based on contemporary art practices. The target audience will be primary educators.

CREARTE CATALOGUE .pdf and full programme

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