Ícaro Pintor

Ícaro Pintor He began his studies in the superior school of fine arts of Porto. He leaves for Toulouse, where he continues his studies at the National School of Fine Arts in Toulouse, obtaining here the DNSEP (National Diploma Supérieur d'Expression Plastique).
Since 1982 he has been exhibiting his painting work regularly, both in the country and in the
Foreigner while developing activities in other artistic areas.
He expanded his activity to the design of communication, illustration, and animation cinema having realized the film "Cicatriz" that received the award Onda Curta RTP.
He was a lecturer in the basic design and representation chairs at the upper school
Of Porto. He was also professor of Graphic Expression of the Course of 2D 3D Animation Cinema (Art and Professional Tree School). He has also developed training activities in the animated film industry with Tânia Duarte and Abi Feijó.
He was a choreographer and trainer in the national project "MIX REPÚBLICA", an original project of MONSTRA (international festival of animation cinema of Lisbon) integrated in the
Commemorations of the centenary of the implantation of the republic, which resulted in 25 animated films.
He collaborates for several years with the Animation House and with the cultural association of Abrantes - Espalha ribbons - (ANIMAIO), as a filmmaker / animated filmmaker, with the school community.
He has seen his work selected and awarded in national and international festivals, of which the following films stand out: "La Picada da Albertina" (Young Filmmaker Award), "O Lagarteiro" (Honorable Mention), and "Amigo do Chito" Also selected in the Caminhos do Cinema Português Festival
(2011), Animamundi 2012, Hamburg Festival 2012 and Festival TINDIRINDIS 2012 in Lithuania.
In 2013, during the school year, he chants with Tânia Duarte and Vitor Hugo Rocha the film
"O'lhó Respeitinho", in the totality schools of the first cycle of the county of Espinho. Having this film also been selected by the jury of the Cinanima.
In 2014 he is invited to exhibit in the municipal gallery of Abrantes where he presents the series
"Handle with care" Recently directed and co-directed with children / young people, the animation short film "ORCHIS MIRABILIS" in Abrantes (Selected film for the competition of the Young Portuguese Film
18 years), which was awarded an Honorable Mention at CINANIMA 2014.